Technical orientations are not carved in stone. These are reviewed according to the character of the vintage. Every year has its own specific identity, reflecting the unique interaction between terroir and climate.

Work in the vineyard and the cellar cannot be dissociated. The quality of vineyard operations is essential for successful fermentation and ageing.

At Château Clauzet, observation is the key word in a global reasoning. We do not take any decision systematically.

Whether it goes about pruning, plots’ protection, harvesting, e.g. the decision is always based upon observation.

Our vines look handsome. This was not really the case when we bought them.  

Certain practices are essentials such as:

• double-Guyot pruning to spread the bunches evenly as well as enhance aeration and sun exposure,
• bud pruning, suckering, leaf thinning and green harvesting,
• traditional ploughing of the soil 4 times a year and screefing to totally avoid the use of weed killers.